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Leisure Films Set To Have Luke Goss as Lead Role of Upcoming Film

Leisure Films has locked in actor, Luke Goss, to star as lead in upcoming film, Bad Currency.


Leisure Films has confirmed actor, Luke Goss, to play the lead role in upcoming action film, Bad Currency. Multiple actors have been casted including; Luke Goss, from "Hellboy 2", "Blade 2", and JJ Abrams new television hit, "Fringe", Lane Garrison, from the award winning "The Iron Orchard", "Yellowstone", and "Prison Break", and the legendary Martin Kove, from the classic "Karate Kid", the new hit show, "Cobra Kai", and "Once Upon a Time In Hollywood".

Production for 'Bad Currency' is set to begin March in Baja, Mexico.

The film is about betrayal, greed and lust. When a cartel boss' gold bars are intertwined in a counterfeit scheme, only tragic consequences can come about. The film will be filled with action and suspense.

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- published 2/10/2020


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