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Leisure Films Begins Pre-Production for New Film, 'Bad Currency'

Leisure Films has received the green light to begin pre-production for their upcoming film, Bad Currency, that is set to be shot in Rosarito, Mexico.

December 12, 2019


Leisure Films production company has been given the green-light to begun pre-production for their upcoming film, B

ad Currency. Production is set to begin March 2020 and will take place in Rosarito, Mexico in Baja California.

With full funding in place, Leisure Films has been looking into some award winning actors, however, the production team is still prospecting cast and has not yet made a decision on who will be playing the lead role.

Production is set to be shot over a three week period at various locations in Baja, Mexico. Filming is in talks to take place at the Corona Hotel, which is located on the popular and highly tourist-ed Rosarito Beach.

Leisure Films, lead by Director and CEO Nick Leisure, finished their most recent film, A Clear Shot, which was also shot in Rosarito, Mexico. The film had great success during the last production, and it only made sense to return for round two.

Stay tuned for more pre-production updates on Leisure Films and their newest film, Bad Currency.

-December 2019

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