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Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Sacramento natives strike a deal with investors for multiple feature length films set to be produced at the Fox Baja Studios.

On Set at Fox Baja Studios


SACRAMENTO, CALIF. – A Sacramento based film team is making big moves in the

film and entertainment industry. The local film team has secured contracts for four large

scale feature length films for 2019. All four movies are set to be filmed and produced at

the Fox Baja Studios located in Rosarito, Mexico.

The team is led by director and producer, Nick Leisure, a Sacramento native. Leisure just

finished up with his first film of the year, ‘A Clear Shot’ starring Mandela Van Peebles,

Sandra Gutierrez, and David Fernandez Jr. The movie is a heart pounding action story

inspired by the 1991 ‘Good Guys’ hostage crisis that took place in Sacramento, CA.

All four films have Sacramento based actors and large investors, which is a big step for

the Sacramento film community. Leisure has been in the entertainment industry for over

20 years and understands the film market. “My team and I saw the opportunity to film at

Fox Baja Studios and we hope to bring more productions to Sacramento in the future”,

Leisure said.

The new Major of Rosarito, Claudia Leon, and Real Estate mogul, Gustavo Torres, are

both supporting Leisure in bringing film to Baja Mexico. Leisure is currently in favorable

negotiations for a business partnership with both Baja Films, LLC and Fox Baja Studios.

Leisure has been moving fast in 2019, with one feature film in post-production, and three

set to begin early spring and summer. Leisure has high hopes of utilizing these

productions and partnerships to help build the Sacramento film community.


Press Release issued on February 27, 2019

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