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The Lot Poster.jpg

A funny urban comedy about two loser guys who work the night shift at a local parking lot, while secretly dreaming of becoming rap stars and ninjas for hire. There isn't much going on at night in a parking lot, so instead of actually working they spend most of their time getting high, watching CSI, playing board games and cruising around in their custom golf cart. Their lives, and their brains, are simple, and they don't have any problem with either of those facts whatsoever. All these carefree times come to a halt one night when the boys witness a murder taking place in the parking lot. Their quiet evening takes an action-packed turn when they have to escape the murderers, mistakenly take a hostage, go on a high-speed chase and end up having to dispose of the dead body. Along the way they have to deal with extremely hot female assassins, ...

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